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  • Lady Flash - Beauties In The Night

    Lady Flash - Beauties In The Night

    Hi Everyone,

    This month we bring you a rare audio episode.

    Back in 1976, I produced and arranged an album for my talented background singers called “Lady Flash”.

    They were a wonderful singing group. They had their own original sound and were able to...

  • Royal Albert Hall BBC Special '78 - Part 1

    Royal Albert Hall
    London, England
    October 23, 1978

    Hi Everyone

    Well, here’s an oldie but a goodie – just like me!

    Royal Albert Hall, London, England – 1978!!

    After selling out a surprising week at the Palladium, the BBC asked us to come back nine days later and tape a special for th...

  • Royal Albert Hall BBC Special '78 - Part 2

    Hi Everyone,

    Here’s Part 2 of the 1978 Royal Albert Hall Britain show.

    It’s amazing to watch these talented young people working so hard to entertain the audience.

    You can imagine that it’s very moving for me to watch these shows.

    Young Barry was so young, so unprepared for the succ...