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Southampton, England - May 24, 2014

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  • Lady Flash - Beauties In The Night

    Lady Flash - Beauties In The Night

    Hi Everyone,

    This month we bring you a rare audio episode.

    Back in 1976, I produced and arranged an album for my talented background singers called “Lady Flash”.

    They were a wonderful singing group. They had their own original sound and were able to...

  • Bijou Cafe - Philadelphia, PA - March...

    Hi Everyone,

    Well, this month I’ve chosen a very rare and special Audio file for you guys to listen to.

    It’s the closing night at the Bijou Café in Philadelphia.

    The date March 16th, 1974!!

    I had agreed to do a few live shows to promote my first album. My three-song-set during Bette M...

  • 1996 World Tour - Mexico City - Audit...

    1996 World Tour
    Auditorio Nacional
    Mexico City, Mexico
    May 17th, 1996

    Hi Everyone,

    This month’s episode is a very rare one, indeed.

    We played Mexico City only a few times in my entire career. I’ve always remembered those shows as having some of the best crowds ever.

    But those shows...