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  • Copacabana The Movie

    Copacabana The Movie

    This month’s video is my one and only starring film role!

    I got to play Tony in the TV film version of “Copacabana”.

    I learned a lot making this film. I learned that the crew of a film work the hardest of anyone.

    I learned that making a film is all about the l...

  • The Making of 2AM Paradise Cafe

    The Making Of 2:00 AM Paradise Cafe

    Hi everyone,

    Boy, I haven’t seen this video in years! Watching it brought back such deep memories for me.

    As most of you know, “2:00AM-Paradise Café” was a milestone in my career as a songwriter, producer and performer.

    It was a daring thing to do. Afte...

  • Hot Tonight Tour - Los Angeles, CA - December 27, 1983

    Hi Friends,

    Chris Walters here.
    I work for Barry’s management company, STILETTO Entertainment.
    I have been involved with ManilowTV since its inception.

    This performance really moved me, so I asked if I could say something about this one.

    On first glance, one might think this was a poor choi...