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  • Manilow - June 17, 2012 - Kansas City, MO

    Hi Everyone,

    Boy, this show brought back memories for me!

    We had finished our run at “Paris Las Vegas”, which, by the way, was the most gorgeous production we’d ever had.

    We took some time off and went back on the road. We wound up in Kansas City on June 17th 2012, my birthday!

    The audience w...

  • Last Night at Paris Las Vegas - December 11, 2011

    Paris Las Vegas
    Las Vegas, NV
    December 11, 2011

    Hi Everyone

    We’ve been getting a lot of requests for this video.

    It’s the closing night at the Paris Theater in Las Vegas.

    At the end of the show I introduced everyone who had anything to do with the show and brought them up ...

  • Ultimate Manilow: The Hits - Final Show At The Hilton - December 30, 2009

    This month’s MTV is a very emotional show. It’s the last night after five years at the Las Vegas Hilton. This night was the night before New Years’ Eve, so the crowd was great and we put together a show with loads of surprise songs and events.

    After all, it we were saying goodbye to one of our f...

  • An Evening of Music and Passion - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - February 23, 2008

    Hi Everybody!

    This month’s MTV comes from our 2008 tour. That’s 15 years ago!

    I thought it would be fun to try and take our Las Vegas “Music and Passion” concert on the road and show it to everyone in the country.

    It was one of the biggest and most elaborate shows that we ever toured with.


  • Opening Night Manilow: Music and Passion - February 23rd, 2005

    Happy New Year everyone!

    As we begin 2011 (!!!), I thought I’d start the year off with the video of Opening Night at the Las Vegas Hilton. As you know, we were at the Hilton for five years. Five wonderful years.

    So many events happened during those five years that our show kept morphing into di...

  • OneNightLive! - Mandalay Bay - June 5th, 2004

    I hope you’ve all been enjoying this very rare part of our website. And amazingly, there’s more where this comes from!

    This month’s ManilowTV is a very important evening of my life and career. This was the show we did at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, in 2004. And what a show that was!

    After over 3...

  • Clicker Tour - Los Angeles, CA - December 31, 1997

    Hi Everyone,

    Well, here we are, at the end of another year.

    We wanted to give you something special for the end of the year video and I think we found it.

    This month’s MTV is the 1997 New Year’s Eve concert at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles, California bringing in 1998.


  • A Gift of Music Benefit - Palm Desert, CA - December 3rd, 1997

    A Gift Of Music Benefit
    McCallum Theatre
    Palm Desert, CA
    December 23rd, 1997

    Here’s a rare video of a holiday show that we did in Palm Springs in 1997.

    My good friend Suzanne Somers was my guest.

    Marc was stuck in a lousy position (not HIM, where he was!) so we had to do some clever e...

  • BMIFC Convention 1997 - Memphis, TN - July 14, 1997

    Hi Everyone,

    This month’s Manilow TV is really great. We’re back at the “Clicker” tour and boy, did we get to do some rare songs.

    It was the 1997 Fan Club Convention weekend, so the audience was really on fire.

    When we get an audience like that, I just start changing the show around and throwi...

  • In The Round World Tour - Wembley Arena - London, England - April 20-21, 1996

    Hi Everyone,

    October is the anniversary month of ManilowTV.

    Can you believe we’ve been doing this for 12 years?!?!

    140 episodes!

    Just when I think there couldn't possibly be anymore shows that people would want to see Marc pulls a new one out of the vault that takes me back. Credit to him ...

  • Greatest Hits And Then Some - Illinois State Fair - August 13, 1994

    Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me!

    Happy Birthday dear me! Happy Birthday to me!

    It’s my birthday month. I am as old as the hills! But I still look fabulous! And most important of all, I still feel fabulous!

    This month’s MTV comes from 1994. We were on a summer tour and played a lot ...

  • Greatest Hits And Then Some - Sydney, Australia - May 16, 1994

    Marc has been suggesting that I look at this performance for months now. When I finally looked at it, I was knocked out.

    This episode was taped in Australia during the Greatest Hits And Then Some tour in 1994 and it’s a killer!

    Debra Byrd, Billy Kidd, Gina Taylor and the talented band are sensa...

  • Live on Broadway - London Palladium - February 1990

    This month’s MTV is a very different video.

    Back in 1978, we were booked in London, England for the first time. The venue was the London Palladium and it was the beginning of a relationship with the British people that was surprising and glorious and has lasted to this day.

    In 1990 we played th...

  • Big Fun Tour - Las Vegas Hilton - January 12, 1988

    Hi Everyone,

    This month’s MTV is a very appropriate one.

    Since we’re celebrating our 500th show (!!) at the Westgate (Las Vegas Hilton), this month's MTV takes place the very first time we performed on that stage.

    500 shows! Wow!

    It was January 12th, 1988 and we were near the beginni...

  • Paradise Tour - Caesars Palace - Atlantic City - October 20,1985

    Hi everyone,

    This month’s episode brings back some really great memories.

    I loved this tour. I loved the people that were a part of it. I loved the inventive stage setup. I loved the songs I sang from the RCA “Manilow” album.

    It was such fun singing “At The Dance” every night and so gr...

  • Paradise Tour - Radio City Music Hall - November 1, 1984

    Hi Everyone,

    Come with me back, back, way back in time this month.

    We go back to 1984!

    I was really surprised to find that we even HAD a video of this show. But my wonderful assistant Marc was crunched down in the 10th row taping the show with a cheap home camera! And it’s a fine recordi...

  • The Concert At Blenheim Palace - Deluxe Edition - Act II

    Hi everyone,

    This month’s ManilowTV is Act II of The Concert at Blenheim Palace and it’s a real rare one.

    Act II ran much longer than the BBC version of the concert so it includes a batch of songs that have never been seen.

    It also includes all of the encores that weren’t on any of the p...

  • The Concert At Blenheim Palace - Deluxe Edition - Act I

    Hi Everyone,

    This month’s ManilowTV might actually be the number one thrilling experience of my career.

    It’s the full, un-edited video of The Concert At Blenheim Palace – Act I.

    As many of you know, in 1983 we were invited to use the gigantic meadow on the grounds of Blenheim Palace in B...

  • 1980 World Tour - Atlantic City, NJ - July 2,1980

    This month’s Manilow TV is an oldie but a goodie (just like me!).

    It’s a really decent quality video of our first time in Atlantic City at the Resorts International.

    We had sold out the show within hours and the demand for tickets was so great that they had to place TV monitors in three sep...